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About Us

Wraps Bazaar is the world’s first platform designed & dedicated exclusively to buy, sell and trade anything connected to babywearing.

We offer you a simple and intuitive, yet exhaustive and professional tool to find, sell, buy and trade used & brand new wraps, carriers, bags, softshell, pendants, mugs and any other accessories – enjoy it…! Thanks to our extensive classification, we give you just a perfect space for your babywearing-related activities.

We cordially support facebook groups that promote the love for healthy babywearing, as well as those collecting feedback for sellers and buyers.

At the same time, we are an alternative to multiple buy & sell groups, which became difficult to navigate with complicated, constantly changing Facebook's algorithm. We understand you don’t trade animals or people organs – we won’t block your ad just because of the word “feathers” …! Waiting for your ad to be published, being called out under the rules and descriptions on pictures/in comments are over! In addition, with us you don’t need to worry if potential Buyers see your Ad at all.

Wraps Bazaar is open to individuals, as well as professionals. We encourage well-known retailers as well as babywearing start ups to open profiles and sell through our portal.

We are available in English and very soon in Polish. Everybody is welcome – enjoy your babywearing adventure and … have fun shopping!

Why choose us

We're open for everybody. We offer an exceptional item search experience. We are international. We don't block ads automatically. We give you freedom of setting your item price.

Wraps Bazaar

L o v e , C a r e , C a r r y .

Our promise

We constantly work to improve our platform. We invest in user-friendly IT solutions and we fully customize them for our babywearing community.