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Safety Rules

We recommend a face-to-face item collection with a cash payment.

If however you’d like to finalize your transaction differently, be sure to check:

User’s feedback on facebook,
User ratings on our site and
our safety rules.

Examples of User’s behavior that should be questioned: 

  • No feedback on facebook or no willingness to share direct link,
  • Blocked facebook profile, hesitance to share actual first & last name, no participation in babywearing groups on facebook,
  • Time pressure („great deal valid only today!”, „I take it, but it has to be sent today”),
  • Pictures from the internet or manufacturers’,
  • Pressure to make an advance payment urgently,
  • Pressure on cash payment,
  • Hesitance/no option to send the parcel with cash collection on delivery,
  • Suspicious scan of the shipping documents or proof of payment (for example manual corrections, handwritten notes, use of pencil),
  • Issues with using native language, typos, linguistic difficulties resulting in possible double-interpretation of the item description or personal message
  • Request to verify the identity by making a bank payment (possible “front man” fraud).

What is <feedback> and where to find it? 

User’s feedback will tell you about the experience that other people had with the particular individual in the past and it’s provided by the members of babywearing groups on facebook. To ready it, sometimes you need to join the concerned group. Feedback link should be included in each user’s profile page on our site.

To ensure safety of your transaction, before finalizing always check full feedback of the seller/buyer. After each transaction, remember to add your rating on our site and/or in appropriate feedback group on facebook.