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Terms & Conditions

This is a layman translation for reference purposes only – in case of disputes or discrepancies, Polish version shall prevail. In case of any questions, please feel free to reach out to

I Initial provisions

1.     The Regulations define the rules of using Wraps Bazaar – services consisting of the possibility of placing Ads on Portal.

2.     In order to gain access to the functionalities of the use of an Internet connected device equipped with a commonly used Internet browser is required.

II Definitions

Terms used in these Terms and Conditions mean respectively:

Operator – All Colors Agata Bielecka with its registered office in Warsaw, Poland (Potrzebna Street 3/19, zip code 02-448), entered into the Polish Central Register and Information on Economic Activity under the number NIP 835 148 51 22, REGON 146643673, with which the User can contact at the address

Portal – Internet advertising portal under the name, run by the Operator in English, allowing the placement and viewing of Ads, available in the Internet domain

Regulations – these Terms & Conditions of the Portal use;

Ad – an offer (invitation to conclude a sales contract, trade, provide a service, etc.) prepared by the User, posted on the Portal on the terms provided in these Regulations;

Good – a thing, service or right which may be the subject of an Ad, in accordance with these Regulations;

User – a person who is over 18 years old and has full legal capacity; a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, but able to acquire rights and incur liabilities in its own name, who created an Account;

Account – assigned to a given User part of the Portal, identified by e-mail address, which allows User to perform specific activities within the Portal (via administrative panel – “My Profile”);

Pricing & Packages – a list of fees charged for services provided by the Portal, set by the Operator and specified in “Price List” (Annex 3 to the Regulations).

III General conditions of using the Portal

1.     The Ad comes from the User who self-determines its content. The content of the Ad must be consistent with the facts.

2.     Placing the Ad should reflect the actual intention of making the transaction which the Ad is related to.

3.     Ads are available to all Internet users. Along with the Ad, a contact form is placed on the Portal website, which (without disclosing the e-mail address of the advertiser) allows each User to send a message to the e-mail address assigned to the Ad.

4.     One Ad may refer to only one Good. The content of the Ad must clearly and unambiguously specify whether the Goods are a specific set or a single Good. Also, it must indicate whether the price specified by the User concerns a set or a single Good. However, it is possible to add information on the availability of the Goods in various colors and/or quantity in the content of the Ad. The same Good can be the subject of only one Ad at the same time. This also applies to Ads terminated by the User before the lapse of 30 days from the date of adding the Ad.

5.     Publication of the Ad on the Portal is subject to the fee specified in the Pricing & Packages (Price List – Annex 3).

6.    The User is responsible for the published content (including photos) and guarantees that they are consistent with the facts and the law, and that their publication does not violate the rights of the Operator, the Regulations and the rights of third parties, including copyrights.

7.     The content of the Ad should clearly refer to the Good, describe it accurately, reliably and completely, and cannot mislead other Users, in particular as to the properties of the Product, such as its quality, parameters, condition, origin, brand or manufacturer. It is forbidden to provide this information outside of the Portal.

8.     The Operator shall endeavor to publish the Ad in parallel also in other media, and to this end, establish cooperation with partners (in particular social media, press operators of other websites).

9.     By agreeing to the publication of the Ad on the Portal, the User simultaneously consents to its publication by the Operator’s partners. This includes the consent to publish elements of the Ad (for example photos contained in the Ad). In such case the User’s contact details will not be disclosed – however, the method of reading the entire Ad will be indicated. Publication of Ads with partners is free and is aimed at acquiring as many potential recipients of the Ad as possible.

10.     The Operator protects Users’ personal data in accordance with the privacy policy specified in the Annex 1 to the Regulations, its integral part.

11.     Downloading or using any materials available on the website requires the consent of the Operator each time and may not violate the provisions of the Regulations and the generally applicable law, as well as may not violate the interests of the Portal. It is forbidden to aggregate and process data and other information available at the Portal in order to make it available to third parties on other Internet and non-Internet portals. It is also forbidden to use the signs of the Portal, including the characteristic elements of the graphics, logo and the name, without the consent of the Operator.

IV Ads – Account

1.    Placing an Ad requires a registration on the Portal (Account creation).

2.    Account is created after the User provides a name, valid e-mail address, password and the phone number on the appropriate form of the Portal. After performing these activities, the Operator will send a message containing an activation link and other necessary information to the e-mail address provided by the User. Account can also be created by using Facebook profile.

3.    Activating an Account is a must to conclude an agreement between the User and the Operator, with regards to services ruled by these Regulations.

4.    In the case of legal persons and organizational units, only an authorized person may create an Account on their behalf and carry out further activities on the Portal.

5.    The User may own and use only one Account on the Portal.

6.    It is forbidden to use temporary email addresses for creating an Account.

7.    The User can delete the Account and thus terminate the contract with the Operator at any time. To do so, User should select the appropriate option on My Profile or send a request to .

8.    A User who is a consumer may withdraw the contract with the Operator within 14 days from its conclusion, without giving a reason. The withdrawal form which User may use is attached as Annex 4 to the Regulations. Withdrawal is not possible if the User activated the Ad, i.e. the provision of the service by the Operator started.

V Publishing and editing Ads

1.    Placing an Ad on the Portal requires:

  • filling out the form to place content of the Ad (i.e. filling in at least the fields marked as mandatory) and then
  • activation (public release) of the Ad, while free Ads are activated automatically and paid Ads are activated after a payment of full due amount, as per Pricing & Packages.

2.    Thru the form mentioned above, the User may attach photos to the Ad.

3.    The Ad description may be placed in any language.

4.    In the content of the Ad (in its description and/or photos), the User may not post e-mail addresses, website addresses, telephone numbers and online communication tool numbers. The e-mail address, telephone number or online communication tool number can be placed only in the indicated fields in the Ad form. The Operator reserves that Ads that violate this provision may be removed, in which case the payment for publication is not refundable.

5.    The Ad may not concern the search for the Goods, except for the category “In Search Of / DISO”.

6.    It is not allowed to post Ads of a social nature, this applies in particular to the category of Services.

7.    During the period of Ad, the User may modify the content of the Ad and its parameters or delete the Ad.

8.    After 30 days from the end of the emission, the Ad may be deleted from My Profile.

VI Principles of responsibility

1.     The Operator enables Users to place Ads on the Portal, without interfering with the form and content of these Ads, subject to the provisions below.

2.     The User undertakes not to place Ads of Goods the sale of which violates applicable law or third-party rights. Notwithstanding the above, it is forbidden to display Goods that cannot be clearly associated with the culture of babywearing and listed as prohibited in Annex 2 to the Regulations.

3.     The Operator is not responsible for improper performance or non-performance of contracts related to the Ads by the Parties.

4.     The Operator is not responsible for the quality or legality of the offered Goods, the accuracy and reliability of information provided by Users, as well as the ability of sellers and buyers to perform transactions.

5.     The following actions can be recognized as a violation of the Regulations: manipulation of keywords in the Ad, issuing Ads in the wrong category, reservation in the content of the Ad regarding sending the Goods only after prior payment by the Buyer. The above activities will result in the Operator taking appropriate actions, including the removal of the Ad without refunding the fee or blocking of the Account.

6.     The Operator reserves the right to remove the Ad without refund of the fee if it violates in any way the provisions of the Regulations or the law, in particular when it contains the content:

  • commonly recognized as offensive,
  • bearing the traits of unfair competition,
  • violating good practices, copyrights or other intellectual property rights,
  • harming the good name or reputation of the Operator or its partners,
  • misleading.

7.     The operator is not responsible for:

  • lack of interest in the subject of the Ad,
  • fulfillment of Users’ obligations resulting from warranties,
  • force majeure,
  • issues around IT systems or devices from the independent operator,
  • statements made by the User to the other party to the transaction,
  • deletion of the Ad published with the partners referred to in paragraph III point 8 of the Regulations, as a result of its non-compliance with the rules for placing Ads with a given partner.

8.     The Operator reserves the right to delete any Ad or block any Account if there is a suspicion that activities threatening the safety of other Users may occur through the Ad or Account, or if they negatively affect the Operator’s good name or otherwise harm the Operator.

9.     In the event that the Operator is concerned about the security of the Account, in particular about an unauthorized takeover of the Account by another person, the Operator may suspend the Account until the identity of the User is credibly confirmed.

VII Complaint procedure

1.     The User may submit a complaint regarding non-performance or improper performance of the services provided by the Operator within 14 days from the Ad issue date or the date on which the issue should be ended.

2.     A complaint may be submitted by e-mail to the following address: or as the registered letter sent to the following address: All Colors Agata Bielecka, ul. Potrzebna 3/19, 02-448 Warsaw with the note “complaint / “.

3.     The complaint should contain at least: User name and surname, the e-mail address assigned to the Account, URL address of the complaint subject or other data allowing identification of the Ad, the period of issue, circumstances justifying the complaint, as well as specific User’s request related to lodged complaint.

4.     If the data or information provided in the complaint need to be supplemented, the Operator will ask the User to supplement it before examining the complaint.

5.     The Operator recognizes the complaint within 14 days from the date of receipt of a fully filed complaint. The User will receive the response via e-mail assigned to the Account.

VIII Payments

1.     The User may use free and paid services on the Portal. Payment for paid services is made in advance of posting the Ad, by submitting a payment order to the payment service provider via the functionalities supported by the Operator’s payment service provider, e.g. online transfer (so-called pay-by-link payments), online payment with a payment card.

2.     In the event of withdrawal from the contract by the User who is a consumer (in accordance with paragraph IV point 8 of the Regulations), the return of the balance on the Portal is made within 30 days to the bank account indicated by the User.

3.     Users are issued VAT invoices only at their request. To receive an invoice, please send an e-mail request with invoicing details (name, address, VAT number and other as required) to . The invoice must be requested for each purchase separately and will be issued within 7 days from receiving the request.

IX Final provisions

1.     The Regulations are available on the Portal.

2.     The Operator will inform about changes of the Regulations by placing an information on the Portal. The changes come into effect on the date indicated by the Operator, not shorter however than 7 days from the date of placing the information on the website. Services activated prior to changes will be performed based on the previously applicable conditions, new activations are possible on new conditions.

3.     Unless otherwise required by law, the law applicable to the entire agreement between the User and the Operator, the subject of which is the provision of services by the Operator under the conditions specified in the Regulations, is the Polish law.

4.     All disputes related to the services provided by the Operator as part of the Portal shall be resolved by competent Polish common courts.

5.     Users who are consumers have the opportunity to use the out-of-court method of dealing with complaints and pursuing claims with the Permanent Consumer Arbitration Court at the Provincial Inspector of Trade Inspection in Warsaw. Information on how to access the above-mentioned mode and dispute resolution procedures can be found at . Users who are consumers also have the option of using the EU ODR internet platform, available at , providing our email address

6.     The Regulations have been made available in two languages, Polish and English. In case of discrepancies, Polish version shall prevail.


Annex 1 to the Regulations – Data Protection Policy 


Annex 2 to the Regulations – Items allowed and prohibited

The Portal is dedicated to the topic of carrying children (babywearing). All Ads and other content placed on the Portal should be related to the subject of the Portal (fit into provided scheme of categories). In particular, however, it is forbidden to place on the Portal:

  1. items or photos containing sexually explicit or pornographic content, particularly those involving persons under the age of 15, related to the use of violence or involving animals;
  2. objects or images containing hateful content on the basis of national, ethnic, racial or religious differences (including atheism);
  3. objects adapted to carry out activities that violate the law or good manners;
  4. materials with content that violates the personal rights of third parties;
  5. movies, images and other goods that infringe copyright / intellectual property;
  6. human or animal organs;
  7. counterfeit products, i.e. goods or services marked in a way that can mislead customers about the origin, quantity, quality, ingredients, performance, suitability, usability, repair, maintenance or other relevant characteristics of the goods or services;
  8. systems for numerical games and bookmakers, as well as services related to providing assistance in joining such games and concluding such bets, with the exception of the official book publications bearing the ISBN number.


Annex 3 to the Regulations – Price List

1.     Within 30 days from the registration on the Portal, every User is entitled to post 5 (five) free Ads. The free Ads will be active for 30 days from the date of publication.

2.     Full list of Portal’s paid services is available at . All listed fees are gross (VAT inclusive).

3.     The period of paid Ad publication is 30 days from its activation. In case the Ad publication is cancelled or the Ad is deleted from the Portal before the lapse of 30 days period, the paid fee is not refundable.

4.     The period of Ad featuring is 7 days. In case the Ad publication or featuring is cancelled, or the Ad is deleted from the Portal before the lapse of 7 days period, the paid featuring fee is not refundable.

5.     Any Ad violating the law or provisions of these Regulations, especially advertising items mentioned in Annex 2 as prohibited, will be deleted by the Operator with no refund of paid fee.


Annex 4 – The instruction on contract withdrawal 

and the withdrawal statement example

Within 14 days from the conclusion of the contract (creating an Account or publication of the Ad) you can withdraw (cancel) it, without giving any reason. To cancel the contract, please inform us by e-mail:

You can use the below withdrawal form.


The right to withdraw the contract is not due if we have fully performed the service with your explicit consent (i.e. when you have activated the Ad).



(this form should be filled in and returned only if you wish to withdraw from the contract)


Sender: …………………………………………

(first and last name, address, email)


Recipient: All Colors Agata Bielecka

Potrzebna 3/19

02-448 Warsaw


I ………………………………………… (first and last name),hereby I am informing about my withdrawal from the contract for the provision of services within the Portal. The date of conclusion of the contract is ………………………………………..

Please refund the applicable fee to my bank account: ………………………………………… (bank account number and other details required to perform the repayment).


Signature: ………………………………